With you near

I am an hour away and six months behind I can't hold my body and my heart together My feet invariably tap and dance Singing tunes from times before Reminding me of every single thing The summer before and the rains The winter's cold and it's pains It can't but be true I've been away… Continue reading With you near

The only place I wish to be

People chatter and birds chirp There's a lot of sound and a lot of noise A lot of words and a lot of dreaming But none of them true and none with a meaning. The train stood still The air stood still All against my will All the dancing and singing People merry and drinking… Continue reading The only place I wish to be

It is time.

It is time, To rise To despise The real enemy, The money lending, Big spending, Corporations, That train us, Detain us, That bring disdain to our land From their high towers in Europe and America It is time, To rise, To despise The real murderers of Our Land. 'Add this to your land' Say they,… Continue reading It is time.

The creature inside

I hear a creature breathing From the inside of the kitchen Growling and moaning I wonder if it can speak And tell as I do, of the fear I possess of getting anywhere near. I've been sitting here For an hour and everything's clear Everything's quiet Not a word Not a moan Not a call… Continue reading The creature inside

A poem in the storm

Has the storm passed on? I need to jump out of that window said he Has the storm passed on? 'I need to run by the Meadows' said Me. It was quiet in the morning It came without a warning Has the storm passed on? I need to buy me a pen and a paper… Continue reading A poem in the storm

Sweating in the cold

(Take time to read this tale, It is of a man and his troubled dreams and how his face grew pale And his fore-head raised a-steam In the cold of the winter) The doorbell rang a countless number of times One by one they came All in accusation Of some evil, by a man Probably… Continue reading Sweating in the cold

Don’t think twice, its alright.

Well I'm sitting and wondering by this milestone where next will I go ; Treacherous, dangerous and dusky ways Well, I don't know. Cars pass me by Fleeing past faster than a flash Like everyday and every minute of my life They pass me by, Leaving behind trails of dust and memories Some were tales… Continue reading Don’t think twice, its alright.