A Bumpy road, Winter winds to blow the soul, Two people they rode, With no direction, no goal. Mustard fields whistled past the road-sides, Yellow’d in harvest, Glittering in gold, in the light of the dying sun. Black Curtains, soft-kill the light Flocks of bird flee past the skies, that bleed now a blue Flying… Continue reading alive

A Receding fire.

A faint fire in the distant, Rising and falling with the harsh winds that blew Now, rising with fierce countenance ; Now, falling with a fizzled rage. Smoke rose, And clouds of black posed In the open, wild skies Like the black in a child’s eyes. The winds blew, And in fits of rage the… Continue reading A Receding fire.

The Spark of Life.

He couldn't help but fall. It was the coldest night of his life, No Blankets kept him warm, No Tents kept away the storm, He quivered under the light of a Dim lantern, A lantern that so signified the light inside of him Dimly glowing, With a spark of life, every now and then With… Continue reading The Spark of Life.