let that pain sink in ground you break you bring you back to the real world where pain is everywhere let it sink in, and show how addicted you were to flying high; to happiness let it sink in And alter all your beliefs ideals ,That you so held close let it sink in and… Continue reading

by the window

I feel the sting of it Every single time it touches me burns my tongue Everytime you say nothing and I sit alone by the windows Waiting asking to be freed to be easied* I feel it's sting every day I wake up I feel my throat dry and I wet it With Waters of… Continue reading by the window

Rail-roads and rail-tales.

Just at the train station , Subtle lights half-glowing in orange The sounds of a train that flashed by me Played like echoed haunts  from yesterday. Train after train went by me Sounds, that echoed just the same, But never quite the same. I wandered at the train station for a long time after, Still… Continue reading Rail-roads and rail-tales.


His body ached, he couldn't stand the pain, All his efforts to rise went in vain. His windows had now stayed closed for long, He had forgotten what it meant to feel strong, His room was devoid of life, just as he. He moaned, The pain now, unbearable Nobody sitting by him to hear his… Continue reading Pain-II


Flee, From this land of Death and ordeal From this land of deceit and falsehood, Flee, to be free. As primitive as can be, Nothing has changed not since the days of primeval man, We’re all, but primordial beasts, Hungered by the chains of power. Flee, I shall, But where? To a world where there… Continue reading Flee,..

Flown, far away.

He tried as hard as he could, But he couldn’t. He could feel himself slowly slipping away, Each breath, A little further away, He knew it had to come today. She was there His Mother, Smiling her best, Dressed in brown Her face, looked truly incapable of a frown. “Why are you crying Dona? It’s… Continue reading Flown, far away.


And he slowly trapped them, Into glass bottles, Like flies for his amusement, Only this time, he wanted away from his everyday battles. He felt better, Calmer, He cried no longer And in His heart , he felt a kind of solace. He went on with his job, Slowly turning the Winds of a Clock,… Continue reading Stone-fyed.


Like the skies on a Winter night When Silence, spreads faster than light When pain, is easy to inflict, But hard to feel. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe, was all I heard. It was wonderful, The skies looked so significant, As I was laid on my back, I could see myself, Lying there in the snow, Livid… Continue reading free

Don’t go.

I saw him smile For a while In the midst of a gathering And only but for a moment, His eyes rolled up... As if, he was now living a memory And all his present was the past. White flowers, people flocking in Many in serious debate Many freeing their soul He sits right in… Continue reading Don’t go.