When ghosts of the past emerge ones that you buried, demons , dark matter and others of the same kind from deep within as if just waiting for the right temperature or situation to bloom and take over, like a disease hidden deep under ice for centuries it begins to gnaw at every piece of… Continue reading (dont)tremble

Blotched sheets and a shit life

Blood trickles from my noseand only this liquid that flows , I can seeFrom my side eyed viewLying down upon my bedthat has become my home,my work station and my play ground these days. It moves slowly,a warm liquid gracing all that it toucheswith a comfortable numbness It says that it is time,that with this… Continue reading Blotched sheets and a shit life


Give me wordsdirect and plainpiercing through this heart,to its deepest corners Not rhymes,not attractionBut words that speak from gradual and slow observationfrom experience and faith Give me words,that mean somethingnot just anythingnot the blurting out of intellectbut one of actual deliberation and thought. Give me words,that satisfy this heartwhile it yearns to find the right… Continue reading Words.

the rest is a trance, but you are not.

let the silent night inlet it whisper its secrets to youas the moon settles high aboveand trees fizzle down from dancing to the winds of the evening ; let stillness settleand hear what it has to saylet your deepest yearnings surfacelet things be clear and stilllike a full moon nightlet them inlet them whisperwhat you… Continue reading the rest is a trance, but you are not.

Poles apart

As all the alcohol settles inenter the pleasant feeling of a buzzall the noise and chatterengaging funSomething weird ; like a beep in the ear:Ignore it You play a few games and it feels swell to be thereaway from the pain and clamourfrom what actually mattersSoak in the wetness of that worldas I learn to… Continue reading Poles apart


Parched lands, Dry ,dusty, rustyFlowing and resting to the whims of the windin summer But when rain - drops on parched lands, they come to lifelike a chemical reaction of sortsa burst of energysmelling pleasantgiving life to a million others In a few days the rains go backand the lands are back to their depths… Continue reading Parched


It's difficult to say what happenswhen the volume's turned downand the curtains closedbehind dark roomsspecifically kept silentto invite less life? I guess so. A fly flies past you birds chirplizards bickerwinds turnleaves danceclouds hover moonlight descendsAll of a sudden, everything is aliveall that is inside breathes unlike ever before, in the pulse of the birdsthe… Continue reading Alive