spaces with you

This journey will go on for quite some time I can bide my time staring out into the open passing trees and foothills and mountains for as much as I want find spaces where I can store my thoughts and watch them fly past me not worried about their staying inside or their purpose flowing… Continue reading spaces with you

the climb and my dream

it all seems like a dream now the image of me standing atop the cliff with my friend looking around tired and breathless at the mountain peak covered in white and hazed by clouds appearing and disappearing maybe that's the way its supposed to be a tiring climb leading to the top and a hazy… Continue reading the climb and my dream

a place more beautiful than this

i'm sure i heard a sob from the other side of the room echoing as the silent night grew darker and everything else was still just the sound of continuous sobbing escalating with every minute pitching low and then high i couldn't quite muster up the will to wake up from my bed and open… Continue reading a place more beautiful than this

gods in the living

we are spectators normal people in normal homes in unhappy and happy families reading and dancing thinking and drinking to the tunes of the creators the gods up above in their sorrowed castles writing poems and stories and life the creators the writers the poets the understanders of life we are mere spectators dancing to… Continue reading gods in the living

a strange kind of homecoming

the days of nights are over days curtained by nighteous darkness eyes half closed half open unwilling to see the world in this misery the days of nights are over everything seemed dark And indifferent not a soul could affect me for death was already in me the nights of indifference are over the fog… Continue reading a strange kind of homecoming