a night under shiny stars from a different sky

"Hey jude begin" sings the phone as water trickles down the high cliff drip drip drip from the inside of my short-shorts a strange night it is the sky looks quiet very quiet the usual family of stars bearing down facing me , bored in their daily routine of shining down at all of us… Continue reading a night under shiny stars from a different sky

an afternoon slumber’s dream

soft bristling dry leaves dance in the calm december breeze the cold of the morning has disappeared and a full fledged indian sun that is characteristic of any piece of land in India, be it summer , winter or rain blasts through confused weed grasses. the silent sounds of leaves falling down on the ground… Continue reading an afternoon slumber’s dream

the climb and my dream

it all seems like a dream now the image of me standing atop the cliff with my friend looking around tired and breathless at the mountain peak covered in white and hazed by clouds appearing and disappearing maybe that's the way its supposed to be a tiring climb leading to the top and a hazy… Continue reading the climb and my dream

half-sun, half-cloudy and a little bit of rain

i particularly liked muffled days covered with clouds and hopes of rain days where the sun shines in half muted notes , spent indoors with an unlikely calm in the air and all the birds seem pretty excited and the trees rustle, slowly back and forth waiting to quench there's a lot of hope around… Continue reading half-sun, half-cloudy and a little bit of rain

wild flowers.

thin , lean half -assed people too afraid to live to concede. Urbaned with time, softened by family and love and things from that niche. too afraid to concede their soiled teeth, undone by urban living dead within waiting to bloom to live with grit, soiled teeth and firm fists pounding the soil. thin Lean… Continue reading wild flowers.

the grass will smile again

the grass will smile again muted sounds of fishes gliding through calm waters trees clouds silent suns All saying the same thing Faint smiles and unknown frowns pathways And unknown towns they all say the same thing the trees the clouds Silent suns raging storms the beach and it's moist welcome will never be the… Continue reading the grass will smile again