a place more beautiful than this

i'm sure i heard a sob from the other side of the room echoing as the silent night grew darker and everything else was still just the sound of continuous sobbing escalating with every minute pitching low and then high i couldn't quite muster up the will to wake up from my bed and open… Continue reading a place more beautiful than this

fur elise

the red blip would light up a muffled dial tone third rate with blots i picked up the receiver and stuck it close to my ears and dialled the four digits that i always did to hear the piano play on the same bit over and over again and closed my eyes to the flow… Continue reading fur elise

A poem in the storm

Has the storm passed on? I need to jump out of that window said he Has the storm passed on? 'I need to run by the Meadows' said Me. It was quiet in the morning It came without a warning Has the storm passed on? I need to buy me a pen and a paper… Continue reading A poem in the storm

Don’t think twice, its alright.

Well I'm sitting and wondering by this milestone where next will I go ; Treacherous, dangerous and dusky ways Well, I don't know. Cars pass me by Fleeing past faster than a flash Like everyday and every minute of my life They pass me by, Leaving behind trails of dust and memories Some were tales… Continue reading Don’t think twice, its alright.