Muses and lovers.

You were once a person and now you're just a muse, that helps me to write and I keep dishing them out poem after poem and in a world without inspiration, without belief you slowly become the only reason for me to write and I will write ; as faithfully as I loved you, when… Continue reading Muses and lovers.

show me how stupid you can get

how stupid can one's heart get?Smelling rain on the soil, in mid summerwhen the rains are too far to come backexpecting little droplets to sizzle again on your face,Or ride through a stormy, windy eveningWith water bullets striking youmaking you feel alive How stupid can one's heart getTo expect something ,that is not going to… Continue reading show me how stupid you can get

The creature inside

I hear a creature breathing From the inside of the kitchen Growling and moaning I wonder if it can speak And tell as I do, of the fear I possess of getting anywhere near. I've been sitting here For an hour and everything's clear Everything's quiet Not a word Not a moan Not a call… Continue reading The creature inside