spaces with you

This journey will go on for quite some time I can bide my time staring out into the open passing trees and foothills and mountains for as much as I want find spaces where I can store my thoughts and watch them fly past me not worried about their staying inside or their purpose flowing… Continue reading spaces with you

The creature inside

I hear a creature breathing From the inside of the kitchen Growling and moaning I wonder if it can speak And tell as I do, of the fear I possess of getting anywhere near. I've been sitting here For an hour and everything's clear Everything's quiet Not a word Not a moan Not a call… Continue reading The creature inside

A Walk to warmth

You look nice everywhere, With that simple smile that you wear, With that simple bindi Unsophisticated Undone And untouched. That sheen on your face,With a bit of sweat ; Flowing and glowing Seamlessly Like a smooth song From the sixties That strand of hair that hangs below your ears and boomerangs it's way almost out onto your face. Your small curved… Continue reading A Walk to warmth

Flee, I shall but where to?

Flee, From this land of Death and ordeal From this land of deceit and falsehood, Flee, to be free. As primitive as can be, Nothing has changed not since the days of primeval man, We’re all, but primordial beasts, Hungered by the chains of power. Flee, I shall, But where? To a world where there… Continue reading Flee, I shall but where to?