I will wait for my own sakeIn dungeons and dark rooms,In basements ,To get the right wayThrough itIn this pursuit if I fall into a never ending darkness,So be it,But I will have passed in the pursuit of something noble,Unlike the everydaythat we liveCrossing off datesPassing time doing littleAnd living passivelyIn a world that grows… Continue reading Wait

Sing me to sleep

the night is longAnd the clock ticks in dry toneswinds heave across the valleyand trees roar through the night like a lullaby,winds pull me into a deep sleepblowing softly from distancesinging into my earsthe only song I'll ever hear they keep me company for as long as I needand expect nothing but keen earsI think… Continue reading Sing me to sleep

the will to name everything

An unknown feeling surfaces when everything fades- lights and noises from the day An unknown feeling surfaces when the busyness of the mind stalls and the chores run dry when spirits are anything but high it arises from within, unknowing to your own self without a warning it has no names will never have ;… Continue reading the will to name everything

A dog has died, an Ode to Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda Appreciation post! I usually don't sway from my cold style of writing poems and haikus but this one deserves every bit of freedom as it requires quite some describing for the work of art it is. It is a poem that has stayed close to me ever since I read it a few… Continue reading A dog has died, an Ode to Pablo Neruda

a night under shiny stars from a different sky

"Hey jude begin" sings the phone as water trickles down the high cliff drip drip drip from the inside of my short-shorts a strange night it is the sky looks quiet very quiet the usual family of stars bearing down facing me , bored in their daily routine of shining down at all of us… Continue reading a night under shiny stars from a different sky