the climb and my dream

it all seems like a dream now the image of me standing atop the cliff with my friend looking around tired and breathless at the mountain peak covered in white and hazed by clouds appearing and disappearing maybe that's the way its supposed to be a tiring climb leading to the top and a hazy… Continue reading the climb and my dream

A Walk to warmth

You look nice everywhere, With that simple smile that you wear, With that simple bindi Unsophisticated Undone And untouched. That sheen on your face,With a bit of sweat ; Flowing and glowing Seamlessly Like a smooth song From the sixties That strand of hair that hangs below your ears and boomerangs it's way almost out onto your face. Your small curved… Continue reading A Walk to warmth


Motionless, In the Length, that lay In white and grey, Noiseless. Green fields wear now a white, Tall trees now sleep today, inspite, A rain,  it rained, Today in white. White rivers,  sing To a crowd of Lost footsteps on the ground, They Sang with large voices and sounds. Large pine trees, Ceaselessly,  racing toward… Continue reading Tangmarg