a place more beautiful than this

i'm sure i heard a sob from the other side of the room echoing as the silent night grew darker and everything else was still just the sound of continuous sobbing escalating with every minute pitching low and then high i couldn't quite muster up the will to wake up from my bed and open… Continue reading a place more beautiful than this

fur elise

the red blip would light up a muffled dial tone third rate with blots i picked up the receiver and stuck it close to my ears and dialled the four digits that i always did to hear the piano play on the same bit over and over again and closed my eyes to the flow… Continue reading fur elise

alive for something or nothing

hands that shake and lips that quiver words that shiver in fear this is a stuck stuck place a nice made up face clean and smiling looks good from the outside rotten from the inside there's nothing to find here let this uncertainty take over and let if fly like these words not afraid of… Continue reading alive for something or nothing

Why bukowski?

of the writers that i have read, i think he is the only one that tells me its okay to be this abnormal thing in society. The others were high collared, classic poets who wrote about beauty and love and nature while he wrote about all the gutters and the shitstorms that a person goes… Continue reading Why bukowski?

gods in the living

we are spectators normal people in normal homes in unhappy and happy families reading and dancing thinking and drinking to the tunes of the creators the gods up above in their sorrowed castles writing poems and stories and life the creators the writers the poets the understanders of life we are mere spectators dancing to… Continue reading gods in the living