A poem in the storm

Has the storm passed on? I need to jump out of that window said he Has the storm passed on? 'I need to run by the Meadows' said Me. It was quiet in the morning It came without a warning Has the storm passed on? I need to buy me a pen and a paper… Continue reading A poem in the storm

A world of closed minds and open eyes.

Have you ever seen the sun through dumb windows? These windows, They play in sombre notes Even the loudest tones. These windows, they cease from speaking of what is outside. Dumb windows that colour everything in black, The blue of the sky, A neighbour passing by, Fading sounds of a righteous man's cry All coloured… Continue reading A world of closed minds and open eyes.

A Receding fire.

A faint fire in the distant, Rising and falling with the harsh winds that blew Now, rising with fierce countenance ; Now, falling with a fizzled rage. Smoke rose, And clouds of black posed In the open, wild skies Like the black in a child’s eyes. The winds blew, And in fits of rage the… Continue reading A Receding fire.


His body ached, he couldn't stand the pain, All his efforts to rise went in vain. His windows had now stayed closed for long, He had forgotten what it meant to feel strong, His room was devoid of life, just as he. He moaned, The pain now, unbearable Nobody sitting by him to hear his… Continue reading Pain-II

The Child in me.

Evening’s outside ; The Orange glow of the sun, Children having fun Clouds emerging from rays of light As the world moves on from day to night. And of the Children that played there One  would sit alone and stare His face, devoid of joy He was only still a boy. Only still a boy.… Continue reading The Child in me.


Well, I’ll tell you all about it, A Smoke screened night, dimly lit Trees honed in from both the sides, Silence, spoke in higher tones Weird noises and wily moans Soft bristling leaves of trees, Spoke of the danger that lay ahead, Neither humanity, nor him Heard what the leaves said. *Single whispere’d voices Double… Continue reading Twice.