pankh hi toh tere bikhre hue hai zameen par udne seekh, baitha kyun zameen par waqt aur mausam ke badalte, badlega tera aasmaan judenge pankh aur udega aasmaan udne seekh, baitha kyun zameen par waqt aur mausam badlega tu badlega udna seekh baitha kyun zameen par zindagi -aasmaan hai tere aage..

an afternoon slumber’s dream

soft bristling dry leaves dance in the calm december breeze the cold of the morning has disappeared and a full fledged indian sun that is characteristic of any piece of land in India, be it summer , winter or rain blasts through confused weed grasses. the silent sounds of leaves falling down on the ground… Continue reading an afternoon slumber’s dream

the climb and my dream

it all seems like a dream now the image of me standing atop the cliff with my friend looking around tired and breathless at the mountain peak covered in white and hazed by clouds appearing and disappearing maybe that's the way its supposed to be a tiring climb leading to the top and a hazy… Continue reading the climb and my dream