what keeps us alive

there are small pockets

between all the chaos

, the running around

the jobs

, all the quests and adventures

Between failures of all kinds

small pockets of nothingness

Of laughter

of fun

of ill-logic

and peace

that keep us all going.


drive me home

some men drink for days together
some walk alone in places out of bounds
some sleep away time
some write poems and try to rhyme
everyone needs a fuel
everyone needs their fill
here’s mine.

a firefly

Amidst an eerie night sky
With the constant lining sound of crickets
Came home A Lonely Wandering firefly.

The world was too daunting to face
And his mates, consumed in this race
Toward a certain tree
That they thought would make them free.

He was lost, confused and mislead
or so the world had said ;
He lay still and silent upon the darkened walls of my corridor
Unwanting to listen to more.

There was nothing between him And I
Just the ordained difference between man and a lesser being
Why would one think he was lonely?
Either way, I knew he was not the only.
-Anirudh Shankaran.

nicer things

this is the most comfortable
i’ve been in days
lying down naked in my head
on a lazy dusty wooden desk
lying with my head down
eyes closed
& open in another place
in a classroom
someone throws a paper ball
someone singing songs
someone weeping about their
girlfriend on the next street
in this noise
with half eyes open
there was a peace
unlike any
of the mountains
that i home now,
all i’ve got is this dusty wooden desk
to fly back to the half eyed peace
in my classroom.

I would have gone mad
If not for this
cold home
a half torn shirt hung
glasses lying dirty from a day or three
Someone plays a song somewhere
and someone speaks on the phone
someone drunk
someone in a place far away
if not for this
Dirty warm home
I would have gone mad
the cold wind entering from a hole in the door
a half finished plate
lying cold on the floor
no drunk people drinking the night away
no songs no sound
Just the everlasting silence of a lonely room
and a lonely guy
I would have gone mad
had I stayed.

shut,clean ,ties.

We’re all getting royally fucked

some staring at computer screens for 10 hours straight

some drinking,thinking of past wives and lives

some seated alone in a party

some stuck in homes , bound by nothing  but their fathers and mothers

some driven and poised to win over the world and realising they aren’t going to

we’re all getting fucked

some royally and some brutally

the only difference

is some of us are better at hiding it




and it’s the same
every night
the sound of a fan slowly bickering
filling the room
and my head
the same red bed
with a dirty mattress on
and a few mobile phones

there’s nothing here
but the slow death of nothingness
hitting your head hard every night before you sleep
weep , run , hide
it’s the same
every night

a mosquito flies around me
And i feel better
better than the nothingness that surrounds this wintry night