A dog has died, an Ode to Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda Appreciation post! I usually don't sway from my cold style of writing poems and haikus but this one deserves every bit of freedom as it requires quite some describing for the work of art it is. It is a poem that has stayed close to me ever since I read it a few… Continue reading A dog has died, an Ode to Pablo Neruda

a place more beautiful than this

i'm sure i heard a sob from the other side of the room echoing as the silent night grew darker and everything else was still just the sound of continuous sobbing escalating with every minute pitching low and then high i couldn't quite muster up the will to wake up from my bed and open… Continue reading a place more beautiful than this

A poem in the storm

Has the storm passed on? I need to jump out of that window said he Has the storm passed on? 'I need to run by the Meadows' said Me. It was quiet in the morning It came without a warning Has the storm passed on? I need to buy me a pen and a paper… Continue reading A poem in the storm

Sweating in the cold

(Take time to read this tale, It is of a man and his troubled dreams and how his face grew pale And his fore-head raised a-steam In the cold of the winter) The doorbell rang a countless number of times One by one they came All in accusation Of some evil, by a man Probably… Continue reading Sweating in the cold