Everything else seems bitter a phone call from home or a text from a person who hasn't spoken for ages playing chess online and finding that winning has no effect everything else seems bitter waiting for an elusive message that will probably only end up as the final nail to my heart.

half-sun, half-cloudy and a little bit of rain

i particularly liked muffled days covered with clouds and hopes of rain days where the sun shines in half muted notes , spent indoors with an unlikely calm in the air and all the birds seem pretty excited and the trees rustle, slowly back and forth waiting to quench there's a lot of hope around… Continue reading half-sun, half-cloudy and a little bit of rain

but i like it better this way

i know they say i am too dark for people to like to be a best seller (/or a writer at all) to write my way to fame and i agree but i like it better this way let me write for the closet, or the lonely notebook more importantly to puke all the shit… Continue reading but i like it better this way

alive for something or nothing

hands that shake and lips that quiver words that shiver in fear this is a stuck stuck place a nice made up face clean and smiling looks good from the outside rotten from the inside there's nothing to find here let this uncertainty take over and let if fly like these words not afraid of… Continue reading alive for something or nothing