older things

i was given possession of an old bike then
the engines dusty
tyres lying dumb
wheel rims rusty
heavy heavy bike
that took no nonsense while riding
and it would take me an hour to get it started
and i only did it because i had to
the damned bike
wanted efforts
, a relationship
the damned thing wanted me to spend time with it
kicking the shit out of it
and i spent time with it
trying to get it started
realized then that i was doing it wrong the whole time
that the gear had to be put to neutral and i hadn’t
i laughed myself to a cigarette and said
let’s try it once again
and i kicked her in the ass
and she sounded
rusty and yet
and i rode her on for hours
until she said i want some time alone
and shut herself off in the middle of the road
while i tried to kick her back on for the next few hours
she’s old and rusty
but she feels like sex
and deserves to be ridden.

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