It is time.

It is time,
To rise
To despise
The real enemy,

The money lending,
Big spending,
That train us,
Detain us,
That bring disdain to our land
From their high towers in Europe and America
It is time,
To rise,
To despise
The real murderers of Our Land.

‘Add this to your land’
Say they,
‘And see how these crops, they produce
A grand
Big potato
The biggest tomato
A pumpkin bigger than the globe’
That Kills every microbe
Every organism that fed and gave back to nature
All that it must
To them it is all
The trees and the black-birds
To let them be
As they are, is absurd
To stamp our authority
On what we do not own
Is the word,
It is what they heard.

They mislead
The ones who are misread,
The farmer in his farm stead
Working through the hours of the day
Who knows no other way
Who has his family and nation fed

They’re all lured
Into this genocide.
Murates of potash,
Ammonium nitrate
Single Superphosphate,
They add, they kill
They play
With the fate
Of a thousand
And a thousand more
Not anymore
Not anymore,
It is time
To rise,
To despise
The Real Enemy,
The real murderers of our Land
Those corporations,
Those money-lending
Big spending
That care less for the land
And even lesser for it’s people
It is time to rise,
To despise
The real enemy.


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