The creature inside

I hear a creature breathing
From the inside of the kitchen
Growling and moaning
I wonder if it can speak
And tell as I do, of the fear
I possess of getting anywhere near.

I’ve been sitting here
For an hour and everything’s clear
Everything’s quiet
Not a word
Not a moan
Not a call on my phone.

It’s been longer even,
Silence has paved way to emptiness now
And it has begun to gnaw me from the inside
The continual sounds of that creature
Yearning, moaning and growling
Haunt my every step
Speak to me in my sleep
Flash on my mind when I weep.

I pretend that the creature is there
Still on the insides
Gnawing, growling and moaning
Like a friend of sorts
To speak to,
When lonely
When you are the only.

I know little now of the creature
It’s whereabouts or presence
But every now and then
When the quiet of the evening seeps in,
The sound of the growling, moaning creature creeps in.

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