Nothing more.

There once lived and loved two people.
They saw each other and fell in love, just the moment next
She was beautiful, his only desire
He was smart, with a heart on fire
Their love would never tire.

They enjoyed spending time together

Each minute was a joy ride, then.

They kissed with passion

Looked into each others eyes with devotion.

A year and a half

A grin for the others laugh

They spoke much less now

Things had changed so, they did not know how.

Burnt like a flame,
Their love was quite extinguished Now
And the animalistic love that they shared
Sheer passion ,was driven no longer
For she had lost her sheen and he his fire
On a course of pointless chatter and sex
They would retire

It took them long to realise,
That they were but animals
Seeking each other in flesh
And nothing more,
Nothing more.

4 thoughts on “Nothing more.”

  1. #Relationships and #love always burning in memory though the flame has been put out. Though flesh was made to touch and start that flame burnt was left. The heart and soul a disconnect.

    Much love to you,

    Liked by 1 person

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