A Walk to warmth

You look nice everywhere, With that simple smile that you wear, With that simple bindi
And untouched.
That sheen on your face,With a bit of sweat ; Flowing and glowing Seamlessly
Like a smooth song
From the sixties
That strand of hair that hangs below your ears and boomerangs it’s way almost out onto your face. Your small curved ears
Perfect in all its curvatures
You look beautiful when it snows.That shade of white under your brows

A violent night under a starry snow sky

Every ounce of your body

And every ounce of mine: Seeking each other’s heat
Your face looked pale and neat
But that was until we held hands and felt our bodies take in all the heat
Your face looked as warm as Chennai then
Giving me heat.
To cuddle your warm body
In the snow
Blanketed and rounded inside a sleeping bag
And to sleep with my eyes open,Is my most revered want , at this moment in time
I hope you are well and fine
And smiling.



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