The Un-named realm.

Sometime in the night, probably after 11 ( considering the empty roads, where we were). There were about four people in the car. You were driving, I was behind in the middle, Mir was in the front seat and someone else was there beside me at the back ( I cant quite remember). You were driving like a man gone bonkers. Every second it felt like we were going to die. You couldn’t just maneuver in straight lines, you had to bloody go as close as you could to the median, the street lights, the cars parked on the side. It was unclear at first, where we were headed. You kept driving (at God knows what speed. But really fast).

It was nearing dawn for some crooked reason, hadn’t felt like it had been 5 odd hours in the car (But fuck logic, I am a dream). Little blue glimpses of the Sun around the curb of the horizon. The other side of the horizon was still in the dark.

The car had finally stopped. I sighed for a bit, thanking all the gods for having kept me alive through that ride. (Thanks to you).

There was nobody. Not a soul there. It wasn’t strange that there was nobody there. For it was stupid to expect people to be awake and in the bustle at 5 AM in the morning. That was not surprising.
We walked a few steps ahead to find ourselves in a dark,dark woody forest. There was no light at all. The canopy of the trees there was such. It was cold, unexpectedly cold.

Although it was summer, the whole place had a pretty sulking, life-less scenery to it. There were no insects constantly lining our ear drums, no birds chirping- Nothing. It was hard to believe that it was summer in that place. This eerie air spread through all the elements there in this woody forest. The trees, the bushes, the leaves of fall. All. Of them marked with this eerie countenance. We stayed there in the darkness of the woods for awhile. None of us felt too thrilled to be there. So we moved on.

Outside the woods, the sun had risen already. Orange rays had surrounded everything, the roads, the buildings, the skies. everything but the woods. As we stepped outside the woods, we felt relieved in a way (Like I felt when I got down from the car after you had driven). The terrain was plateau-like. The woods were situated on a high, plateau while everything else was down below in the plains. We walked down outside the woods, bright with the sun, ready for some fun.

We stumbled onto a few bamboo trees that were all over the place. (As it is, wherever there is bamboo there is dampness) This place was damp. Moist as fuck. We could feel all the moisture get stuck onto our skins. The smell of something moist, hidden, shady was filling the air. We took a few steps forward, trampling on shed-bamboo leaves.
There was a pond. And all around it was cold air, again. It was nice to feel the pleasant cold air there. But again here for some reason, there were no signs of life.
We had had enough of that place, the cold air, the life-less trees. We passed the pond onto a bridge-like structure. Its like those bridges made for irrigation canals. We sat there a while, took some pictures and spoke about the happenings of our yesterdays.

It was 7 or 8 probably, judging by the light of the sun. We had planned to return (to wherever we were to return,) by 8. So we moved our asses from that place with intent and walked forward.

To our astonishment, there . Right there in the middle of the forest, was a Big, Rusted red gate. It was surprising. The woods, A secret pond, bamboo forests and then a gate. Seemed very out of place, but mystifying. What was funnier and a matter of curiosity was that it still had a rusted lock on it. It was a unanimous vote. We didn’t speak but like all the things that is understood in a group of boys, we walked onto the gate and jumped over its sides to the other side.

As soon as we entered, we froze. Stood there in silence and in awe. It was inviting but also scary as shit. There was a singleton Grave-stone with no name on it. Well, if that were a grave-yard it would have been fine (the sun was already up šŸ˜› What can you be fearful of when in the light? šŸ˜› ) but there were some un-named, un-stoned šŸ˜› mounds (probable graves) around that singleton grave stone. We stood there gazing with our mouths open. I think we all said ‘What the fuck is going on?’ at the same time in our minds*.
The singleton grave stone and the mounds were all lined to our right. Our POV stood there, frozen and still toward the right for sometime.
When we turned to the left…
There was a 10-foot hole. A big hole. a pond like hole. At first we hesitated to go look into the hole. But then were too curious to shun it away. We went to the hole in unison..
As we took simpler, smaller steps toward the hole there was a stench, a rot in the air. it grew as we got closer. And once we were there and our heads peeking into the hole….
There was a blue carpet rolled around and sticking out of it was a fucking skull!
There was no grave, no name, no stone to inform us of this dead-being. That stench and that skull-face hasn’t ever shy-ed away from resurfacing in my dreams. Although my dream ended there, experiences from this death-hole still stay in my eyes and my memory.


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