From last night.

In the shadows of a dream,
I woke up ;
Vague memories
And fresh emotions
A reminder of all my past devotions.

A sense of unrest settles
As I lay down again
Into this bed, my present
I only wish to be there, now again
In the shadows of yesterday
Brimming with emotions
And all my past devotions.

It’s funny how a place loses its sheen
When it’s people are lost ;
Empty memories of children playing in the sun,
Having fun,
Always on the run
The past is now done.

I wish I hadn’t come here,
I wish they had been–
All the people that made this place
The castle that homed my dreams.
-Anirudh Shankaran.

And all  the travellers, loners, roamers, weepers, drinkers, excessive thinkers
Are  doubly blessed
For they know how much the past costs
 And How long a memory lasts.

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