Lonesome Winter nights

A winter night
Where silence reigns
Quiet droplets drip from a tap somewhere
Where everything is draped in white
Music is a lonesome speaker
On this wintery night
Words from a poem hung loose in the air
Like smoke from a distant fire
On this wintery night.

There is nothing much to do
On this wintery night
Nothing but to hear the sounds of words unspoken
Nothing but to try to bring back to life
A heart that hadn’t yet been awoken.

I wish things were other wise
A little warmth would be nice
On this wintery night.
A windy night
Upon a terrace
Emotions I couldn’t efface
In a summer land
My feet bristling the beach sand
Anything but
This wintery night.

I may wish for another thousand things
That won’t happen
On this wintery night
I am better off picking out words from the dark wintery sky
Thinking of a summerland
Anything but
This wintery night.
-Anirudh Shankaran.


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