Rail-roads and rail-tales.

Just at the train station ,

Subtle lights half-glowing in orange
The sounds of a train that flashed by me
Played like echoed haunts  from yesterday.

Train after train
went by me
Sounds, that echoed just the same,
But never quite the same.

I wandered at the train station for a long time after,
Still hearing sounds of yesterday
Sounds , that haunted and taunted my ears and my  heart
Sounds, that wouldn?t leave or part.

The last train arrived at the station,
I could leave or stay,
Stay here in the warmth of yesterday

(Listless thoughts)

The train left,
And I knew I was to stay here for a long long time

And the lights of the train station went off,
As I loomed in darkness,
And the Echoes of the train that once went by me slowly fizzled away,
Like the voices of a person, that once went away.
-Anirudh Shankaran.


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