His body ached,
he couldn’t stand the pain,
All his efforts to rise went in vain.

His windows had now stayed closed for long,
He had forgotten what it meant to feel strong,
His room was devoid of life, just as he.

He moaned,
The pain now, unbearable
Nobody sitting by him to hear his words or soothe his pain.

And the pain went on for hours,
He knew not what was happening,
He quivered now, for he had nothing left in him to moan.

And in the pain,
He was taken away
To another place,

A place,
Where his mother smiled with pride
As he showed to her, his first painting,
The sea etched in blue,
Birds that lived free and flew
It was the happiest day of his life
To see his mother smile as she did.

And his eyes glistened,
glowed, with what little life there was in him,
And he smiled ,
As his eyes cried

He slowly rose,
And walked up to the window,
He undid its latches

And in came a light,
Such as he had never seen,
He was alive, now more than ever

And tears of joy rolled down his cheeks,

His past was there to soothe,
A Pain that brought forth the truth.
-Anirudh shankaran.

Photographed by – Aanandi Joshi.


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