The Spark of Life.

He couldn’t help but fall.

It was the coldest night of his life,
No Blankets kept him warm,
No Tents kept away the storm,
He quivered under the light of a Dim lantern,
A lantern that so signified the light inside of him

Dimly glowing,
With a spark of life, every now and then
With the wind of a memory or oxygen.

A warmth in the air,
He could feel it now,
He thought not of how,
but embraced it,
Embraced her,
As she spoke words he failed to hear,
He could feel her, she was near.

“I was wrong….. ”

His words were carried away,
By the winds of a blizzard,
that killed the light in him
Long before he died.
-Anirudh Shankaran.

Photographer – Gireesh Singh.


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