“Why don’t you smile? “
He was then asked,

It took him a while,
And in contemplation he basked.

He couldn’t possibly bring out in words
What sorrow pushed him away from a smile.

He suddenly heard laughter and a flock of birds,
Flying away toward the sun, in unison..
He heard a voice,
And what seemed to him, a conversation
In which he was involved.

He could hear her,
But couldn’t understand what she was saying,
She was then, a fading memory
Latching onto him,
Without physical form
He could no longer see her face,
But her voice still lingered,
In his mind,
And he now, wanted to find
Himself, more than her.

He flashed back onto the present,
Without any resent
Or thought,
And only but,
For until this memory,
Of her laughter
Came back again to him.
-Anirudh Shankaran.


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