Dark, I was.

How old are you?
Have you dreamed of the skies?
Have you spoken those lies?

Oh, well you’re not that old,
Oh, no you havent yet sold, your soul,
Oh, well. You’re still alive.

No, I cant possibly fall,
Not into the rut that I see you in,
Not in the darkness that I see in all,
See me, live.

Darkness,   braced by all,
Does it mean every soul that has braced this world,
Is dark and vile?

Speak to me, voices of the past,
as, now I slowly descend
Speak now,

“Everybody is dark, momentarily,
To remain in the dark,
Is to choose to not drive the darkness away,
With the light already inside of you”
-Anirudh Shankaran.


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