An Epidemic, child.

‘I will not let them take our peace away,
I will fight , We will fight and stay.
Upon this land, our land,
We will take a stand. ‘

People rejoice, with renewed faith and belief,
braced with an air of assurance and relief.
The Man in the vest, walks away
With his eyes, tending to the people.

Children, women and men alike,
Waved at him , for he was hope,
He was their only chance,
To curb this circumstance.

A child’s voice, lost in the midst of a thousand noises
lingers with purpose and perplexity,
surrounded by anger and complexity.
‘I am hungry,
Can somebody give me food?’

Not a soul could hear him,
He slowly moved away,
Away from the crowd,
Away from the noise and people speaking aloud.

People, clapped and rejoiced.
Ecstatic and overjoyed
At their renewed hopes.

The gates closed in an instant,
People panicked,
The sound of women screaming, children crying, constant.

Confusion and fear
They were fooled, it was clear
A large noise sealed the fours
Their hopes were settled and also their scores.

They all died,
Children, men and women alike,
Nobody sobbed, nobody cried.

Not a soul, heard him,
As he walked upon the ruins of the land
And its people, unable to stand
Unable to reply
To him,
Just like the night before.
-Anirudh Shankaran.


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