light me up.

Dark, night skies,
Glum as they come,
You wait for the light,
To come and Brighten the skies,
And you.

No sign of the light,
Not a ray or a sparkle of hope,
To tell you, that you were right,
Waiting for something you knew may not come.

Your thoughts, impatient.

When panic takes over,
Hope becomes frustration.
The time you spent waiting for the light,
Seems now, pointless.

(Impatience builds,
Your heart it fills
No Joy in store,
Oh, what a bore)

A Light so bright,
Your eyes, sparkle,
refracted through tears,
All the Darkness, now clears.

You wonder in awe,
Everything around you wrapped in colours of the light,
Everything around you, seems so beautiful,

Be not impatient,
For in time,
You get what you need.
-Anirudh Shankaran.

Photographer – Aarthi Shankaran.


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