On my way, to travels afar,

Far from the hustle of a city,

The sirens and Honks,

Away, I go.

Soft breezes bristle past my hair,

The sight of mountain highs in the distant,

Everything seemingly peaceful and fair,

All but my heart.

I run my heart out,

I dive into gorges,uninhabited

I smile at the fawns , play-fighting with each other

I brace and embrace nature,

I feel the freedom that it professes,

The peace that it emanates,

Nobody to bicker or hate.

I see the river flowing, giving life,

Without expectance,

I see the trees dance to the tunes of a whirlwind.

I see Life.

Distressed heart,

Do me part,

For I got in nature,

What I lost in the honks and bustles of the city.

-Anirudh Shankaran.

Photographer  – Gireesh Singh.


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