Still waters,

The sound of crickets looming

No words spoken,

No animals awoken

But in the distant,

You Hear a heart that is broken

Crying, weeping, morose

No way to let his anguish out,

Alone, embraced only by nature.

You try not to notice,

But he weeps a moan now,

Something about that voice, worries you

You have not a clue,


You walk toward him,

Something about his dimly lit face worries you,

He glances at you for a second,

Then walks away in a hurry,

You run for him,

The light around, dim,

His footsteps crumpling minnow-ed plants,

A breath away,

He tries to move farther away.

He looks back to see you,

You stop, .!



Heart pounding away,

When you learnt that that dimly lit face,

Was you.

-Anirudh Shankaran.

Photographer – Gireesh Singh.


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