Nature’s trance

A portrait, lay in front of me

Lush green meadows,

Grazing cows,

A man in the distant, a tiny speck.

The sound of nature,

Trees speaking unto bushes

With murmurs and hushes

A sound, so soothing.

Easy winds make me feel gentle

As I return from a war of sorts

Ease me through the day

Ease my sorrow away.

A parakeet flies by me,

In her flight, I could see glee

Fluttering encoded secrets from feathers

To her ever faithful friend, the skies.

I close my eyes,

Sunlight thrives

A feeling of profound peace

With the sound of the seas.

I was yearning for a  door, a  chance

Until I fell into nature’s trance.

-Anirudh shankaran.

Photographer – Aarthi Shankaran.


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