Swift justice

I am reminded of that night

Where you & I , we flew

Our bodies bare

and our world blue

Swift justice

you wanted it too

Where does one find a fire

that only grew?

I searched & searched

Thru time, places & people

and all I found was you.


What are you crying about?

Packed humidity
Unracked humility
The world is spinning all the same
What are you crying about?
Its dead
As stale as air around a dump
You’ve been well fed
What are you crying about?
Darkness and doubt
A third world futuristic worry
I’m done with stories of tomorrow
Borrow, borrow minutes from today
Throw them away
What are you crying about now?
Today or tomorrow?
Or some past wound
Its done
Lets have some fun.

A false sense of optimism.

I was a child when I boarded this train. It wasn’t as fast back then as it is now ; I didn’t want this, not this pace, this hurrying away from faces,places and stories they have to tell you ; Hurrying away toward the destination with no poetry or tale to tell. Only but the want to reach the end, my destination.

I was too young to choose, all the trains were colored the same- A sky kinda blue with a hint of red. Same wheels as the others, windows painted silver. One couldn’t tell the difference. They were all the same.
So I did. I boarded the train. I was an alien there at first, but I slowly got used to the rambling insides and felt quite at home. A host of new people spoke and kept me alive. They’ve all left now. With the passing of every station, they left one by one, bidding me farewell and eventually leaving me here alone. My favourite compartment looks lifeless now, all the bustle and noise, the care of a distant voice, all gone- lifeless without the people it homed and the stories they held. Leaving me here, in this empty (heart) train. The sound of the train jostling back and forth is no more a lullaby. It irritates me. The windows are of no use now. All I can see are flashes and streaks , mere blips of life passing by. i’d rather have them closed. One might wonder, why I still journey thru it all, If I hate it so. If every aspect of it only irks the life out of me, Why do I still journey? I don’t know, I really dont know. But I concede, I have more than once decided to stop journeying, to get down and take a breath of all that is around me.

Why am I still here then? I failed in my attempts to get down, to flee from this self made prison. The train would either be too fast or it would be high upon a bridge w/water down below. I have failed in my attempts and so I am still here, listlessly looking on at the blips of ┬álife light flashing by. I wish I could get down and slowly walk back from where I came- a passenger with no dirt, sorrow or stains. I wish I could, really. But I have come too far and my feet fail to muster up the energy to stand and walk back. There’s nothing left in me to take me back there. All the people who have helped me reach this place, have departed.. taking with them my will to remain here.

But I stay, I continue to remain owing to a false sense of optimism that tells me that there is something more to come, that there was some reason behind all the people who have left led me here. And so I continue , into an unknown tomorrow with the momentum of yesterday and a false sense of optimism.


When we’re all out of tune
Oh! How awfully silent
How it all becomes – the darkness builds up
inside like a sand dune
and how all that beauty suddenly turns violent
and how we die everyday
When we’re all out of tune.

It’s strange how mute
the world sings
all the petty things
drops of rain
cars passing by
and all the pain
muted ;
When we’re out of tune.


Patriotic Flair.

Speak not. You have all done enough to corrupt my insides. Speak not. No voices, no opinions. Let me have a conversation with myself now. Lay still – Your time is up. You have done enough to corrupt my insides. I have had enough of all your stories of Patriotic flair. I have had enough of all your stories of indignation. I cease to exist in your nation. I cease to exist in your life, bound within boundaries some other man has created. I will exist in the fields, where my heart lies. Not in your nation, not in your heinous notion of patriotic flair. I will exist and thrive in this world (and not in your nation), while you are burnt by the fire of your own flair.

My Raider

For all the glorious times
That I have spent and thrived
She is my raider –
Thru all my bouts
Of Skepticism & doubts
She endures,
Rendering me in reality
A life lived only in fantasy.

I await her coming
After a year (or two)
Like a sketch upon a canvas
Waiting to be completed
With colors and life.

Drifting through time

From emotion to emotion

The sea spells out the time

And it’s time to move .


A bottle of rum

And a tub full of ice cream

My time has stalled

And I am stuck

Within these four walls..


The light glows dim

And my room is calm

No one speaks here

But alcohol..

I am fine here

Staring at the wall

My life is stuck

And I am about to fall…




It was in the dark It all happened
A voice that sang a song
On a hill
It was dreamy and the air was still
Her voice filled the air around us
And sudden lights flashed
With every peak and low of her voice
She sang unknowing of the world outside
Flowing in a world of her own
Not much could be said once she stopped singing
All that was around stood still
As if the forces couldn’t thrive against her will
She walked away and not a word was spoken
I loomed then with a sea of words awoken
Of which she would never know.

To a place

I’d like to hit the wall with my head

Or hit the bed

A flowing song playing with my mind

Flying, drying, trying

Waiting to find

The sun in the haze.


A sudden desire

To run

And run

Through fields of wheat

Through the blazing heat

Toward something

Of which very little I know

I don’t know where it resides,


I am fine here in the unknown.


A burning fire,

That burns unflinching

On the inside

It sings songs

About a place or a feeling

It could be my destination

Or just a calling.

My eyes see less

And My mind even lesser

When the sun is not ablaze

And hidden in the haze

Let me run

And run

Unto the sun

It’s gotta be fun.